18 06, 2011

Queen of the Faire


Thank you Mary Claire for your dedicated service for 28 years to the ASHLAND STRAWBERRY FAIRE.

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1 06, 2011

Parking Info


Free parking in Ashland with shuttle service to the faire at: Hanover County School Board Offices and Gandy School (North end of Henry Street and Archie Canon Road). Hanover Health Services Building (Intersection of US 1 and Ashcake Road). St. Ann's Catholic Church (100 block of S. Snead Street). Henry Clay Elementary School (Corner of [...]

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26 05, 2011

Important Times


Street Closed Saturday 8am - 5pm, early sales start as early as 8am. Food Vendors Friday 5:00pm Fire Inspection and Saturday 8:00 Health Department Inspections begin, please be ready before 8, as they try to traverse the faire ground as quickly as possible so all will be able to sell at 10:00 when we open. Little [...]

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31 01, 2011

Calling All Past Scholarship Winners


The 2011 Ashland Strawberry Faire is turning 30th this year!  In honor of this anniversary, we are asking past scholarship winners to write us a note and tell us how us how they used their Strawberry Faire scholarship and what they are doing now.  We will use these notes as part of our anniversary festivities!  [...]

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31 01, 2011

2012 Performers


Stage 1    Blackwell Stage    MC Kat Simons The Virginians    9:30-10:15 Dixieland Strutters    10:15-11:15 Hanover Idols winners    11:15-11:45 Miss/Mr Strawberry Contest & Scholarship Awards    11:45-12:15 Hanover Concert Band    12:15-1:30 Super 64 Band    1:45-2:30 To Be Found    2:45-3:30 X Band    3:45-430 Swing dancing with the Usual Lindy Suspects    10AM Stage 2    Welcome Center Stage The Tender 10-10:45 [...]

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5 01, 2011

Our New Website


Welcome to the new online home for the Ashland Strawberry Faire.  Our goal for the website is provide up-to-date information and highlight all of the new offerings at the Faire in a clear and easy-to-navigate way.  We are also bringing the Faire into the 21st Century, by using the wonderful world of technology to make it [...]

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