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 Ashland Strawberry Faire – Board of Directors

2017-2018 Board:

Sharon Chidsey, President
Bob Flanagan, Vice President
Dani Stockwell, Treasurer
Shannon McClure, Secretary
Kevin Damian
Bill Gatewood
Betty La Place
Judith McKinney
Leon Stockwell
Dan DiCandilo
John McDaniel

Lorie Foley, Consultant
Ken Gustafsen, Advisor
Wanda Cornwell, Town of Ashland Representative
Tom Dwyer, R-MC Representative
Bill Hamner, Legal Representative

John Longmire, 2nd from the left. His son, Abe (far right), telling folks about his dad.

John Longmire, long time volunteer for the Faire, being recognized on the Blackwell Stage at the 2017 Faire.  John served more than 30 years for the Faire, mostly as head of grounds.  Thank you, John!

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