Welcome Agricultural Vendors!

We welcome agricultural vendors offering pre-packaged food and/or sampling.  Please read carefully the Health Department requirements.

Important Information for Agricultural Vendors

  • Farmer’s Market or “Cottage Law” Vendors may apply to the Faire ONLY if inspected by the Virginia Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).  Email VDACS or call 804-786-3520.
  • Vendors who have an Agricultural Inspection must send a copy of their latest inspection to the Health Department.
  • Vendors selling/sampling food items must be available for inspection by the Health Inspector by 7:00am on Faire day. No sampling until approved.
  • Vendors selling food prepared and packaged off-site (and not providing samples) must contact the Health Department.
  • The Health Department will receive a list of vendors selling any type of food item (salsa, honey, bread, peanuts, etc.).

Agricultural Vendor Application

Vendor Applications will be available early January 2023.