Strawberry Faire Youth Pageant

The Strawberry Faire is looking for young ladies and gentlemen to participate in our annual Miss Strawberry and Mister Strawberry Pageants, a much beloved Faire tradition!

This is a free, non-competitive pageant that offers our participants a fun venue to creatively express their celebration of strawberries.  Each participant is announced as they proudly strut across our stage.  Our winners are selected as their names are drawn from a strawberry basket.

The pageant is scheduled for 11:00am on the day of the faire on an outside stage in front of  Randolph-Macon College’s Blackwell Auditorium located on Henry Street.  Details will be communicated when registration is received.  If you do not receive a notice that we have received your registration, please try again.

Pageant registration deadline is the end of May.

Online Registration

Age categories for Miss Strawberry:

Little Miss Strawberry
3 years to 5 years

Jr. Miss Strawberry
6 years to 9 years

Miss Strawberry
10 years to 16 years

Age categories for Mr. Strawberry:

Little Mr. Strawberry
3 years to 5 years

Jr. Mr. Strawberry
6 years to 9 years

2016 Winners


Left to Right: Sarah Stokes, Little Miss Strawberry, Tommy Wood, Jr. Mr. Strawberry, Holden Robinson, Little Mr. Strawberry, Kat Dabney, Miss Strawberry, Callie Madden, Jr. Miss Strawberry