Strawberry Faire Youth Pageant

The Strawberry Faire is looking for young ladies and gentlemen to participate in our annual Miss Strawberry and Mister Strawberry Pageants, a much loved Faire tradition!

This is a free, non-competitive pageant that offers our participants a fun venue to creatively express their celebration of strawberries.  Each participant is announced as they proudly strut across our stage.

Our winners are selected as their names are drawn from a strawberry basket.

The pageant is scheduled for 11:45am on the day of the Faire on an outside stage by the Fountain Plaza on Henry Street.  Details will be communicated when registration is received.  If you do not receive a notice that we have received your registration, please try again.

Pageant registration deadline is June 1, 2019.

Age categories for Mister Strawberry:

Little Mr. Strawberry
3 years to 5 years

Jr. Mr. Strawberry
6 years to 9 years

Age categories for Miss Strawberry:

Little Miss Strawberry
3 years to 5 years

Jr. Miss Strawberry
6 years to 9 years

Miss Strawberry
10 years to 16 years


2019 Jr Miss Strawberry, Charlotte Booth, with VCU’s Rodney Ram and her sister, Ivy.


From L to R:  “Little Mister Strawberry” Marcos Mowry, “Little Miss Strawberry” Kerri Waters, “Junior Mister Strawberry” Trace Henry, “Spirit of the Faire” Matilda Womble, “Miss Strawberry” Maybelli Sumner, “Junior Miss Strawberry” Ellie Wilson.


From L to R:  “Miss Strawberry” Shelbie Mustian, “Little Miss Strawberry” Anora Mitchell, “Junior Miss Strawberry” Adalyn Campbell, “Spirit of the Faire” Penelope Clementine Rose, “Junior Mister Strawberry” Tommy Wood, “Little Mister Strawberry” John Morris



Left to Right: Sarah Stokes, Little Miss Strawberry, Tommy Wood, Jr. Mr. Strawberry, Holden Robinson, Little Mr. Strawberry, Kat Dabney, Miss Strawberry, Callie Madden, Jr. Miss Strawberry