The Ashland Strawberry Faire, Inc. committee members met for their January meeting, to start preparing for the 2021 Faire or to decide if we had to cancel again for this year.  Attending the meeting were representatives from with the Town of Ashland Police Department and the Hanover County Health Department.  All of us were in agreement that we hoped things might be better around June, when the strawberries grow.  Inviting our favorite 30,000-40,000 friends to come together is a big responsibility so we gathered the facts we could to make our decision.  We did the best we could.


  • Randolph-Macon College is closed for any activities on campus until June 1, then they will decide what their policy will be for events on campus after that–with no guarantees.
  • Town of Ashland, Health Department, and Commonwealth of Virginia cannot predict what the policy will be in June.
  • It is a big commitment working for the 6 months it takes to prepare for what we “hope” might be with no guarantee of a Faire.
  • Annual cost of $3,000 to the Faire, even if we don’t have it.

We are all disappointed.

We are trying to think of ways we can at least raise funds for the $6,000 worth of scholarships we give out each year.  We hope we all can come up with some fun family events, even if we can’t have the Faire.  Watch for new events on the first “12 Days of June!”

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