Welcome Arts & Crafts Vendors!

We welcome arts and crafts that are home-crafted and made by you.  As part of the application, we require a photo of your product(s).

The Faire Committee cannot prevent duplication of Arts & Crafts products.  Please note your products in the application form, and we will do our best to keep similar booths separated.  The large attendance generally compensates for duplication.

There is a no refund policy, so please follow the guidelines of the Faire (or you may be subjected to a $25 administrative fee).

NOTE: If you are not redirected to to Paypal’s secure gateway for payment after your SUBMIT your application, one of the required fields is not filled out.  Look for the red asterisk (*).

Before you fill out the Arts & Crafts Application…

Do you sell Pre-Packaged Food (i.e., peanuts, honey, samples)?  If yes, please complete the Vendors Selling Pre-Packaged Foods Application.

If your product(s) are not home-crafted, please fill out the Hanover County Business Application. Due to space constraints, we can only accept businesses located in Hanover County, Virginia.