STEP ONE - Read All the Important Information in the Tabs Below!

Applications are accepted from January until May.  Spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Applications received after May 15th will not be guaranteed printed advertising and booth placement choices will be limited.  Applications are reviewed and approved by the Strawberry Faire Committee when completed with information and payments.

If you do not receive an automated e-mail confirmation immediately after you submit, than we have not received your application. We have a No Refund Policy, so please carefully follow the guidelines of the Faire.  If we cannot accept your application, you will be notified at that time and fees may be returned (less administrative fee of $25).  Our goal is to post booth numbers by mid-May.

Note from the Fire Marshal:

  • Vendors with generators are required to have fire extinguishers (2A; 10 BC)
  • It is suggested by the Fire Department that all vendors have a “home use” size ABC Fire Extinguisher (5 lbs; 1A; 10 BC)

With the exception of Commercial Food Vendors, booth fees have increased $25 per 10×10 for 2020.  

Early Bird fee structure ends April 15th.  After that day, booth fees increase $25 per 10×10.

Vendor 10×10 Booth 10×20 Booth 10×30 Booth 10×40 Booth
Arts & Crafts $125 $250 $375 $500
Non-Profit (no sales)* $50  —  —  —
Non-Profit (sales, including food) $125 $250 $375 $500
Animal Groups – BARKing Lot $0
Gov’t Services (Ashland/Hanover Co) $0  —  —
Gov’t Services (headquartered outside Hanover Co) $275  —  —
Political Party/Candidate (Ashland/Hanover Co) $150  —
Political Party/Candidate (headquartered outside Hanover Co) $275  —
Ashland/Hanover Business (ad only) $125
Ashland/Hanover Business (sales/demonstrations) $150 $300  $450 $600
Commercial Food Vendor** $200 $350 $500 $650

Arts & Crafts
Arts or crafts vendors selling hand crafted items made by you.

*Non-Profit Organization (no sales)
10×10 Booth: Volunteering for 2 hours (no fee)
10×10 Booth: Not Volunteering ($50)
Non-Profits with 501(c)3 status (number required), providing information only–no selling products or soliciting funds. By volunteering 2 hours of your time to the Faire, your organization will not be charged a fee. If you cannot provide volunteers, you will be charged a $50 processing fee prior to April 15.  After April 15, the processing fee is $75.

Non-Profit Organization (sales)
Non-Profits with 501(c)3 status (number required), who are selling products or soliciting funds and are staffed by organization volunteers.  Non-Profit groups preparing and selling food on site must fill out the Food Vendor application.

Animal Groups – BARKing Lot
Animal Groups may participate without a fee.  Please fill out a Non-Profit application.

Government Services
Government services providing information only; not selling products or soliciting funds.  Limit 1 booth.  Government Services located in Hanover County may participate without a fee.  Government Services headquartered outside of Hanover County will be charged a fee.

Political Party/Candidate
Distribution of flyers, promotional materials and such are limited to within the assigned vendor booth space. Staff and volunteers must remain within the approved vendor’s space.  Limit 1 booth.  Please note different fees for Political Parties/Candidates located in Hanover County, versus headquartered outside of Hanover County.

Hanover County Businesses (advertising only)
Hanover businesses only, who wish to ADVERTISE their product or services.  Distribution of flyers, promotional materials and such are limited to within the assigned vendor booth space. Staff and volunteers must remain within the approved vendor’s space.

Hanover County Businesses (sales/demonstrations)
Hanover businesses only, who wish to SELL their product or services, or who participate/demonstrate at the “Hanover in Action” Pavilion.  Distribution of flyers, promotional materials and such are limited to within the assigned vendor booth space. Staff and volunteers must remain within the approved vendor’s space.

Commercial Food Vendor preparing and selling food on site.  Commercial Food Vendors are required to support a Non-Profit group with 501(c)3 status (number required).  Volunteers from the non-profit are required to participate in the work of the booth and a percentage of the profits must be donated to the non-profit organization. Food vendors are pre-selected for the Faire.

**Larger booth sizes available for COMMERCIAL FOOD Vendors.

VENDOR CHECK LIST – Please read and print for specifics of what vendors need to provide; ie tables, tents, etc.

DUPLICATES – The Faire Committee cannot prevent duplication of Arts & Crafts products. We only permit one of the exact business (i.e., Tupperware and 31 Gifts).  Please note your products, and we will do our best to keep similar booths separated.  The large attendance generally compensates for duplication.

NOT REQUIRED TO SEND IN TO THE STRAWBERRY FAIRE– Building permits, insurance certificates, tax forms.  However, each group/vendor shall be responsible for the removal of any structure built by the organization/vendor for the Faire.  Each vendor is responsible for collecting money and sales taxes themselves and reporting to the State.  Attached is form ST50VATax for your convenience.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT PERMITS – are required for all FOOD SALES.  The Faire committee sends a list of the VENDORS SELLING ANY TYPE OF FOODS (honey to hamburgers) to the Health Department prior to the event .  If vendors are selling any food products, even if you have an Agricultural Permit, please contact the Health Department and/or call 365-4343 for a temporary permit application.  All applications must be submitted to the Health Department 10 WORKING DAYS or 2 WEEKS prior to the Faire.  Food vendors must be available for inspection of their equipment by the Health Inspector between 7:00-9:00 am on the day of the Faire.  Food vendors, Arts & Craft Vendors and Non-Profits selling food must comply with the Virginia Department of Health Food Regulations.

FIRE MARSHAL INSPECTION – FOR FOOD VENDORS ONLY. Read this important Memo from the Hanover Fire Marshal about requirements for Cooking Tents, Canopies and Membrane Structures.  Food vendors must be available for inspection of their site by the Fire Marshal by 7:00 am the day of the Faire, unless otherwise notified by them.

ELECTRICITY – Not available for our Food Vendors in 2020 – FOR FOOD VENDORS ONLY. Connection can be arranged by the Faire for 120V 20 amp or 240V 30/50 amp.*  Vendors are required to pay electrical fees, supply all cords for hook up in our 200 AMP panel (12 gauge wire or more), and grounding prongs on electrical appliances that comply with manufacturers recommendations.  Generators are only allowed in the FOOD AREAS at the Faire–due to noise, smell, cords, and space limitations, per fire and safety requirements.

*Vendors using 240V 30/50 amp must provide a 3-Pole Angle Plug, which may be purchased at Home Depot.

DIRTY WATER AND OIL – Receptacles are provided; no liquids may poured on the grass, streets, or in the storm drains.

TRASH/RECYCLING – To facilitate cleanup, each vendor shall delegate one person to be responsible for periodic policing of the grounds during and after the Faire hours. Groups will be responsible for providing their own trash cans.  Take your trash to the town dumpsters and recycling containers throughout the day.   Please remember that we are guests of Randolph-Macon College and help us make this a Green Faire.

NO carnival rides, NO riding bikes, or NO skateboards are permitted on the Faire site.

DOGS are allowed as long as they are short leashed and controlled at all times.  Note, there will be large crowds, various other animals, and no public facilities for water. Hanover Humane Society, and other groups will be on site if you are interested in adoption.

BOOTHS LOCATIONS – shall be determined by the Committee.  Due to construction on the campus, the Faire is moving north/northeast in 2019.


SETUP any time Friday after 12:00pm through Saturday 8:00am.

The Faire staff will be available Friday 12:00pm–9:00pm and Saturday 5:00am–8:00am.   BOOTH & CAR TAGS must be picked up at the “Vendor Check In” (north of the Football Field on Henry Street).  Posting booth tag is required for Emergency Services.   The roads will be closed at 8:00am on Faire Day. The Faire officially opens at 10:00am, but sales usually begin as early as 8:00am.  PARKING on or near campus is first come first serve, but it is usually pretty easy because the students are mostly gone! Roads will open for CLEAN UP Saturday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Tents are recommended, due to possible rain and/or heat. Tents will need to be anchored with buckets of sand, cement, or cement blocks. Here is the Vendor Check List and the 2019 REVISED Map. Please review Faire regulations and applications for additional information.

Times To Remember:


12:00pm–9:00pm – CHECK IN at Vendor Check In (north of the Football Field on Henry Street). Avoid lines! Check in Friday to pick up BOOTH & CAR TAGS–this serves as “quick entry” on Faire Day.


5:00am-8:00am – CHECK IN at Vendor Check In. Pick up BOOTH & CAR TAGS (required for emergency services)

7:00am–9:00am – Food Vendors: Health Dept/Fire Marshal Inspection. No sales allowed until approved

8:00am –  Faire grounds closed to vehicles. Unofficial sales begin at this time–locals come early

10:00am–5:00pm – FAIRE OPEN

10:00am–11:00am –  Strawberry Food Judging and Arts & Crafts Booth Judging

5:00pm-7:00pm – Roads OPEN for vendor vehicles

Things to Bring:

  • All Vendors:  Hanover Fire Department recommends bringing a home fire-extinguisher.
  • Food Vendors: SIGN WITH ALL PRICES, trashcans, bags, extension cords and specifically required fire-extinguisher.
  • Products, price lists, and prices marked on merchandise (NOTE: Every item does not need a price. For example, “jewelry in this tray”- $5.00).
  • Tent (for heat/precipitation), tables and chairs. Anchor tents with buckets of sand, cement or cement blocks.
  • Most booths are accessible from back side. Set up within clearly marked booth numbers.
  • Cash box, receipts, and/or business cards.  ATM in R-MC Book Store and near Food Court.
  • Inventory to accommodate a large crowd (estimates 10-40,000).

Required to Post at Booth:

  • Official BOOTH TAG with organization name and number(s)–pick up at Vendor Check-In.   Please set-up in designated marked space.
  • Food Vendors: Certificate/License/Permit from Health Dept and/or Dept of Agriculture; Menu and Food Prices.
  • New! Food Vendors:  After Faire, provide a copy of the check written to the Non-Profit group you are supporting to ASF.

Responsibilities – We are guests of Randolph-Macon College:

  • Total clean up—trash/recycling placed in dumpsters.  See Map for placement.
  • Total removal of trays, containers, grease, roofing tarps, pallets, etc. at end of Faire. Note: If you or your workers do not clean up your space, you will be assessed a $250 fine.  This includes Zip Ties!
  • The Faire is held rain or shine–plan accordingly to prepare for the elements.
  • The College has a security officer on duty and the Ashland Police will drive thru on Friday night. If you set up any aspect of your booth (i.e., tents, poles, signs, and/or merchandise) on Friday, the Ashland Strawberry Faire does not assume responsibility for your possessions.

2019 CHECKLIST-Prizes Updated


Food vendors are pre-selected for the Faire and will be emailed a Food Vendor Application.

Important information for Food Vendors cooking, preparing and dispensing food on site in a temporary set up (under a tent) OR has a mobile unit:

  • If a food vendor has a mobile unit permitted by the Health Department, please submit a copy of your mobile unit permit to the Health Department. The Health Department may or may not conduct an inspection depending on your inspection status. If the mobile unit is from out of state, the Health Department will conduct an inspection and issue a permit to operate in Virginia.
  • For vendors providing samples of products they make or sell, such as dips, spread, baked goods, etc., the Health Department asks that you contact them to discuss your operation, the foods to be sampled and permit and/or inspection status.
  • Food vendors, Arts & Craft Vendors and Non-Profits selling food must comply with the Virginia Department of Health Food Regulations.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT PERMITS are required for all food sales.  The Faire committee sends a list of the vendors selling any types of food (honey to hamburgers) to the Health Department prior to the event .  If vendors are selling any food products, even if you have an Agricultural Permit, please contact the Health Department to obtain the Temporary Food Establishment Permit to display on your booth. Mail or e-mail it to Christy Mason, Food Safety Technical Specialist, Chickahominy Health District, Virginia Department of Health, 12312 Washington Highway, Ashland, VA 23005, Phone: 804-365-4360, Fax: 804-365-4361.   All applications must be submitted to the Health Department 10 working days or 2 weeks prior to the Faire.  

Food vendors must be available for inspection of their equipment by the Health Inspector between 7:00 – 9:00am on the day of the Faire.


New for 2020!  The Fire Marshal Office (FMO) requires all food vendors to have a Mobile Food Permit.  Any Mobile Food Vendor that cooks will require a permit issued by the FMO and must pay a $150 fee per year for their permit to operate within Hanover County.  If a Mobile Food Vendor (MFV) unit has never operated or received a permit, they must contact the FMO and submit an application, pay a $150 fee and arrange for an initial inspection.  If the MFV passes the inspection, they will be issued a FMO permit that will allow them to operate within Hanover County for one year from the date of approval by the FMO.  This becomes their annual renewal date and they will be required to renew that permit every year on this anniversary date.  On their anniversary date the FMO may conduct a full inspection at their choice.  As for big event as well as other small activities, the FMO may conduct a “spot check” at their choosing.

Please contact the Hanover County Fire Marshal’s Office at 804-365-6195 or by email. When sending emails please include mobile food vendor in the subject line.  For convenience, here is a link to the Mobile Food Vendor Permit Information and Requirements, which also includes permit information and Food Service Vendor Requirements.

ELECTRICITY IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2020 due to construction on campus.  Food Vendors must provide their own “silent” generators to power their booth. Like last year, the Food Court will be located by the dorms.

FOOD MENU AND PRICES:  It is required that all Food Vendors provided a clear, printed menu of prices.  Signage should be at least 24″ x 36.”  If you do not do this, the Faire committee will not approve you for next year’s Faire.

Sample Food Menus:

STRAWBERRY FOODS AND BEVERAGES are highly recommended and encouraged. If you wish to be judged, please fill out an application at the Vendor Check-In Booth.  Food judging will take place between 10:00am–11:00pm. 1st place prizes ($75 each) will be awarded to a Commercial Food Vendor and a Non-Commercial Food Vendor and based on: 1. Strawberry Taste, 2. Taste, 3. Taste, 4. Visual appeal, and 5. Originality.

New for 2020!  Sign-up for the Vendor Newsletter to receive occasional updates from the Faire.

STEP TWO - Fill out a vendor application.

Arts & Crafts
Hanover County Businesses
Government Services

Vendor Entrance

Vendors must enter the Faire from the North. From Route 1, turn onto Archie Cannon Drive and then take your first left onto Henry Street. Continue on Henry Street to the Vendor Check-In.

Henry Street is ONE WAY going south all day.

Questions?  Drop us an email or call  (804)-614-5655.