Welcome Arts & Crafts Vendors!

We are closing the application process while we determine space availability.  We will know more after May 3.

We welcome arts and crafts that are home-crafted and made by you.  As part of the application, we require a photo of your product(s).

Important Information for Arts & Crafts Vendors

If your product(s) are not home-crafted, please fill out the Hanover County Business Application. Due to space constraints, we can only accept businesses located in Hanover County, Virginia.

We cannot prevent duplication of Arts & Crafts products.  Please note your products in the application form, and we will do our best to keep similar booths separated.  The large attendance generally compensates for duplication.

Before you fill out the Arts & Crafts Application…

Do you sell pre-packaged food or offer food samples (i.e., peanuts, honey)?  If yes, please visit the Food Vendor page and complete a Food Vendor application.

woman handing a check to a vendor

$100 Cash Prize for Favorite A&C Vendor! 

Judging is based on strawberry-related theme, presentation & organization, visual appeal, and originality. Judges will be visiting booths between 10am–11am.