Everything You Need to Know to Become a Vendor

Want to Become a Vendor at the Ashland Strawberry Faire?

Vendor applications are accepted between January through May each year.  Spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Applications received after May 1st are not guaranteed printed advertising and booth placement choices may be limited.


  1. Food Vendors – PayPal will collect your card information upon form submission, but we will not “capture” the payment until you are approved by the Food Directors to participate.
  2. All other vendors – applications are reviewed and approved by the Faire Committee when completed with information and payment.

If you do not receive an automated e-mail confirmation immediately after you submit, than we have not received your application. We have a No Refund Policy, so please carefully follow the guidelines of the Faire.  If we cannot accept your application, you will be notified at that time and fees may be returned (less administrative fee of $25).  Our goal is to post booth numbers by mid-May.

The Faire is held rain or shine.  Please plan accordingly to prepare for the elements.

Rules and Regulations

We are guests of Randolph-Macon College:

  • Each group/vendor is responsible for the removal of any structure built by the organization/vendor.
  • Please take your trash to the dumpsters and recycling containers throughout the day. See Map for placement.
  • At the end of the Faire, each vendor/group must clean up completely, including zip ties.
  • If you or your workers do not clean up your space, you will be assessed a $250 fine.

Not Required to send to the Faire – building permits, insurance certificates, tax forms.

Sales Tax – Each vendor is responsible for collecting money and sales taxes themselves and reporting to the State.  For your convenience, here is a link to the ST50VATax form.

Booth Set-Up

  • Set-up Friday after 12:00pm – Saturday 8:00am.
  • Faire staff will be available Friday 12:00pm–9:00pm and Saturday 5:00am–8:00am.
  • The College has a security officer on duty and the Ashland Police will drive through periodically on Friday night. If you set up any aspect of your booth (i.e., tents, poles, signs, and/or merchandise) on Friday, the Ashland Strawberry Faire does not assume responsibility for your possessions.
  • Booth and Vehicle Tags must be picked up at the “Vendor Check In” (north of the Football Field on Henry Street).  Posting the Booth Tag is required for Emergency Services.
  • Tents are recommended, due to possible rain and/or heat. Tents need to be anchored with weights, buckets of sand OR cement, or cement blocks.  

Vendor Checklist

Things to Bring

  • All Vendors – Hanover Fire Department recommends bringing a home fire-extinguisher.
  • Full-Service Food Vendors – Menu with all food prices (sign must be at least 24″ X 36″), trashcans, bags, extension cords and specifically required fire-extinguisher.
  • Products, price lists, and prices marked on merchandise.  Every item does not need a price (i.e., “jewelry in this tray”- $5.00).
  • Tent (for heat/precipitation), tables and chairs. Anchor tents with buckets of sand, cement or cement blocks.
  • Most booths are accessible from back side. Set up within clearly marked booth numbers.
  • Cash box, receipts, and/or business cards.
  • There is NO ATM on campus.  Please bring a device to accept credit/debit cards.
  • Inventory to accommodate a large crowd (estimates 20-30,000).

Required to Post at Booth:

  • Booth Tag with organization name and number–pick up at Vendor Check-In.
  • Food Vendors – Certificate, license, permit from Health Department and/or Department of Agriculture.


12:00pm–9:00pm – Check-in at Vendor Check-in (north of the Football Field on Henry Street).

Avoid lines!  Check-in Friday to pick up Booth and Car Tags–this serves as “quick entry” on Saturday.


5:00am-8:00am – Check-in at Vendor Check-in. Pick up Booth and Car Tags (required for emergency services)

7:00am–9:00am – Food Vendors: Health Dept/Fire Marshal Inspection. No sales/samples allowed until approved

8:00am –  Faire grounds closed to vehicles. Unofficial sales begin at this time–locals come early

10:00am–5:00pm – Faire is open!

10:00am–11:00am –  Strawberry Food Judging and Arts & Crafts Booth Judging

5:00pm-7:00pm – Roads open for vendor vehicles

2024 Booth Fees

Booth fees have increased by $25 per 10×10 feet.

Vendor 10×10 Booth 10×20 Booth 10×30 Booth 10×40 Booth 10×50 Booth 10×60 Booth
Arts & Crafts $170 $340 $510 $680 $850 $1,020
Hanover Business (sales/demos) $195 $390 $585 $780 $975 $1,170
Hanover Business (ad only) $170
Gov’t Service (Ashland/Hanover) $0
Gov’t Service (headquartered outside Hanover) $320
FOOD – Agriculture, Non-Cooking (i.e., ice cream), Non-Profit food vendors $170 $340 $510 $680 $850 $1,020
FOOD – Mobile/Permanent & Tent/Temp $220 $390 $560 $730 $900 $1,070
Non-Profit (no sales) $95
Non-Profit (sales) $170 $340 $510 $680 $850 $1.020
Political (local Hanover Co) $230
Political (State/National) $430

Directions to Vendor Check-In

Directions from 95:

Exit 92 West towards Ashland

Right on Route 1

Left on Berkley St

Left on Henry St (one-way)


Vendor Newsletter

We communicate important information through our Vendor Newsletter.  We promise not to spam you!

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