Memorial Scholarships

The Ashland Strawberry Faire continues to offer 10 scholarships to Hanover County students. Nine of the scholarships are given in memory of three of the founding members of the Faire.

The first is given in memory of Dick Gillis to a student at Randolph-Macon College majoring in political science. Dick attended R-MC and served as Ashland’s mayor for 20 years. While he was mayor he initiated Ashland’s title as the “center of the universe.”

Four scholarships are given in memory of Tafi Yourtee, one to each of the county’s high schools to a student planning to major in one of the performing arts. After moving from New York, where Tafi performed on Broadway, she continued her acting career in local theater groups.

Another four scholarships are given in memory of Jay Pace, one to each of the county’s high schools to a student planning to major in journalism. Jay was editor/publisher of the Hanover Herald-Progress that received many awards during his tenure.

The 10th scholarship is in memory of Norman Bugge and awarded to a student attending Hanover Center for Trades and Technology. Norm worked for the telephone company that is now known as Verizon. In his spare time as a volunteer he was instrumental in getting the Faire’s stage built and the electrical panel wired among many other things.

All scholarship recipients are selected by the individual schools. If you are interested in pursuing one of these scholarships, please contact your school’s main office or guidance counselor for more information.

Hanover High School:  Jay Pace Scholarship – Jaala Brown; Tafi Yourtee Scholarship – Reese Tunstall

Patrick Henry High School: Jay Pace Scholarship – Katelynn Brown; Tafi Yourtee Scholarship – Harrison Phillips

Lee Davis High School: Jay Pace Scholarship – William Tyler Palicia; Tafi Yourtee Scholarship- Caleb Carter

Atlee High School: Jay Pace Scholarship – Ryan Konecny; Tafi Yourtee Scholarship- Tyler Cosley

Hanover Center for Trades and Technology: Norman Bugge Scholarship – Parker Cockrell

Randolph-Macon College: Dick Gillis Scholarship – Savannah Smith

Scholarship Process

Early each year, the scholarship committee contacts career counselors at each school stating the amount and criteria of the scholarships.  The scholarship committee also contacts the principal at the Hanover Center for Trades and Technology.

How is the Funding Dispersed?

In April each year, the scholarship committee takes one check to the Hanover County School Board for the nine scholarships given to Hanover County public high school students.  The School Board then disperses the money to the individual schools.  The schools forward the money directly to the chosen college (or technical school) of the recipient, thereby  removing the family from the middle and confirming that the money is used as intended.

How are the Scholarships Awarded? 

Applications for the scholarships are submitted to each school’s counseling department, and each school chooses the recipients.  A member of the scholarship committee attends each school’s Senior Awards Ceremony and presents a certificate from the school that shows what they have received.

How is the Randolph-Macon Scholarship Handled?

The check is taken directly to the College Advancement Department, with a letter explaining the amount and criteria of the scholarship.  The college chooses the recipient, whom they think is qualified.

New for 2018!

The Ashland Strawberry Faire committee hosted the first annual Scholarship Recognition and Business Sponsor Thank You Event at the Hanover Arts & Activities Center.